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Custom Application

Nitrogen & Fungicide

Our Process

Ultimate Ag sidedresses nitrogen (N) to help support soil and crop health management, serving farmers in Central and Southwest, Minnesota. In young corn and sugar beets, the crew utilizes a coulter machine to inject a stream of N alongside the row. In more mature corn, before tassel, the crew Y-drops N next to the rows with a Hagie. After tasseling, the rig is switched over to apply fungicide to both corn and beans.

Ultimate Ag aims to support nutrient efficiency and land stewardship through custom application practices that:

  • Achieve cropping goals.

  • Increase profitability.

  • Protect environment.

  • Increase sustainability.

Keep the 4 R's of application in mind when you're choosing what's best for your farm. These are general reminders sourced from the USDA and The Fertilizer Institute. 

Right Source: The right source means matching the right fertilizer product with soil properties and crop needs. It's important to balance applications of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other nutrients according to crop needs and available soil nutrients.


Right Rate: The right rate means matching application rates with crop requirements. Soil testing, crop history, in-season testing, and crop nutrient budgets all impact application rates. Time and money are saved by applying the specific nutrients needed to optimize your production. Test your soil for P, K and micronutrient availability.


Right Time: The right time means synchronizing nutrient availability with crop demand. You may apply N fertilizer in the spring, but take a look at split applications of nitrogen. Controlled release fertilizers and urease and nitrification inhibitors are designed to manipulate the timing of nutrient availability.


Right Place: The right place means placing and keeping nutrients where the crop can get to them and where nutrient use efficiency will be maximized. Crops, cropping systems, and soil properties will dictate the most appropriate method of placement. 

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