Case-IH2377 Serial #295001-up Combine8.3L 
Case-IH2388 Serial #295001-up Combine8.3L 
Case-IH2577 Combine 8.3L

Case-IH2588 Combine 8.3L 
Case-IH5088 Combine 8.3L

Case-IH6088 Combine 8.3L
Case-IH625 Module Express Cotton Picker 8.3L 
Case-IH7088 Combine 9.0L 
Case-IHAxial Flow 2577 8.3L

Case-IHAxial Flow 2588 Combine 8.3L 
Case-IHCPX420 Cotton Picker 8.3L

Case-IHCPX620 Cotton Picker 8.3L 
Case-IHMagnum 215 Tractor 8.3L 
Case-IHMagnum 245 Tractor 8.3L

Case-IHMagnum 275 Tractor 8.3L
Case-IHMagnum 305 Tractor 9.0L

Case-IHMagnum 335 Tractor 9.0L
Case-IHMX215 Tractor 8.3L

Case-IHMX245 Tractor 8.3L 
Case-IHMX275 Tractor 8.3L

Case-IHMX305 Tractor 9.0L 
Case-IHPatriot 4420 Sprayer 8.3L

Case-IHSPX 4420 Sprayer 8.3L 
Case-IHSteiger 335 Wheeled Tractor 9.0L 
Case-IHSTX/Steiger 280 Tractor 9.0L

Case-IHSTX/Steiger 330 Tractor 9.0L 
GVME325 Sprayer 9.0L 
GVME370 Sprayer 9.0L 
HagieSTS16 Sprayer 9.0L 
JCB8250 Tractor 8.3L
MillerAtlas 3654 Sprayer 9.0L

MillerNitro 4365 Sprayer 9.0L 
MillerNitro 5333 Sprayer 8.3L

MillerNitro 5365 Sprayer 9.0L 
New HollandSP365F Sprayer 9.0L 
New HollandT8010 Tractor 8.3L

New HollandT8020 Tractor 8.3L 
New HollandT8030 Tractor 8.3L

New HollandT8040 Tractor 8.3L 
New HollandT8050 Tractor 9.0L

New HollandT9020 Tractor 9.0L 
New HollandTG215 Tractor 8.3L

New HollandTG245 Tractor 8.3L 
New HollandTG275 Tractor 8.3L

New HollandTG305 Tractor 9.0L 
New HollandTJ280 Tractor 8.3L

New HollandTJ330 Tractor 9.0L
Vector300 Spreader

Versatile250 Tractor

Versatile280 Tractor

Versatile305 Tractor

​​The CNHCR3000 performance module is designed for the 8.3L & 9.0L Tier III Cummins engines utilizing the Bosch Common Rail fuel system and can increase horsepower up to 30% all while lowering fuel consumption 10-20%! The 3 position switch allows the user to adjust horsepower levels from Stock, +15%, or +30%. The entire Agricultural Diesel Solutions line of modules is backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee! 



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