ABOUT Ultiamte Ag


I am are here to provide the best agricultural products and solutions to farmers and business owners.

David Nelson, CEO

How we started


David Nelson runs in the fields alongside many of his customers. His stories and experience in agriculture help provide quality products and solutions that are creative and innovative because he lives and breathes the same work you do. David and his solutions will outperform and outlast competitors.

Why Ultimate Ag?


David's passion for agriculture is contagious and started at a young age. Time spent behind the wheel as a boy developed his instinct for precision and innovation. David supports individuals and companies in agri-business to improve operations and overcome complex challenges.

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David Combining
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Ultimate Ag Rig
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David & Dean
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Hauling Sugar Beets
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Combine Light Set
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Little Farmer David
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Truck Lights
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Riding Shotgun
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Meet My Team


Bruce Wulff

Full service sales associate in security systems and custom application services from Willmar, Minnesota.


Dean Nelson

David's dad collaborating on seed sales and custom application service bookings from Grove City, Minnesota.


Aaron & Joey Zweber

Father and son full service product team and LED light specialists from  Elko, Minnesota.

What My Customers Say


“I'm really glad we side dressed 28% on our fields. Our corn is taller and half a shade greener than all of our neighbors who put all of their product on up front without planning.”


“The quality of service and technology that Ultimate Ag uses in our surveillence systems is unbeatable. We can manage the security of our sites all across Minnesota.”


“I love my LED lights and want more! I can actually see late at night and in less than ideal weather conditions while operating farm or personal vehicles.”